Historical food tours (English)

What might Rembrandt have eaten on a Sunday? Did pigs walk the streets of Amsterdam? Where did Jews buy their food? Did people use water of the River Amstel to brew their beer?

Did you always want to know about the history of food in Amsterdam? I’ll guide you around the city and together we can decide what to do. A general tour? A special tour about the history of pork? A tour by bike? Or tasting typical Dutch products? Anything is possible!

Do you want to know more or book right away? Send an email to: charlottekleyn@gmail.com.


Who am I?
I’m currently finishing my two bachelors degrees in History and French at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on French and Dutch food history. I’m planning to do a Master in food history starting from sSeptember 2016 in Tours (France) and Brussels (Belgium).